Thursday, August 28, 2008


The trouble with posting on a new blog (which for me, you can read as 'any blog at all') is the problem of getting use to the new format and system. For instance, even as I write, the damn thing is already beginning to piss me off. It literally ate my first draft and there is no way to restore it. I shall stab it with a fondue fork later, but for now...let's get done to what it's all about. Namely...ME.

My name is Jacob Mulcahy, but you can call me Jake. Now then, what am I doing here? I don't necessarily need the class to fill in a requirement, so I guess that makes me...crazy? Well, no. That doesn't question the old sanity. Even taking an interest in it with no other motivation than just that is to be considered normal. What IS a fact is that I am sort of an oddball at times. You will find out how exactly this is if you haven't already.

To put things at sort of a point, I'm a senior that requires a mere 9 credits to graduate, and none of those credits involve anything particular. The mandatories are out of the way, leaving me with whatever holds my fancy. The reason I'm in this is because I am a writer, though not published, and I figured that the more I understand the territory, the better I will be. "Ah, but Jake. How can you call yourself a writer if you haven't sold anything yet? Three reasons...
  1. There is no certificate that states, specifically, the profession of being an author, as opposed to say the licences to practice medicine. Different fields can mean looser rules.
  2. I have both the love and the tenacity of writing to pursue the goal of publishing something of mine to its conclusion. You can call it an obsession, but I'll stick with 'conviction'.
  3. What the hell did I go to college for, then? Plenty of relavent classes under the belt...

This class, I can almost guarantee, will be a strange one. And I am in it because I want to be in it, which in turn makes me a strange person. Now, someone hand me the fondue fork. It's time to smite this blog.

(No blogs were harmed in the making of this post, though a wide variety of threatening gestures and consored remarks were made.)

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