Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blog Assignment / Reading Assignment

Just one prompt for next week, modeled off of what we did in class last time:

Take some small fragment of Danielewski's text -- a paragraph at most. It should be something we have not discussed in class, _or_ you should have a completely different take on it. It must be a passage which has some larger significance, hopefully one not immediately noticed or understood. Follow that passage (or shape, or symbol, or whatever) in detail, using it to formulate an argument that _just_ looking at that passage, we can/should understand the book as a whole in at least a subtly different way. In other words, you should begin to perform the sort of in-depth treatment both of a passage and its overall resonance within the book that we did with Danielewksi/Borges/Cervantes last time.

Reading Assignment: Read through page 312 next time. The page count is longer, but the assignment is probably a little less time-consuming than the first 106 pages.

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