Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fancy Gadgets

I agree with how Mike defined a narrative and technology. I like his definitions in particular because they make it easier--for me, at least--to connect how we see technology (fancy gadgets and advanced electronics) with its roots ("technique"); what's more, these definitions help me to connect the ideas of a narrative and technology, too.

Actually getting to the point, here's how I connect them:

A narrative, as Dr. Johns said, is a representation of an event or a series of them. I would call how we represent them, "the technique." Well, how do we represent them? Easy. We make these representations by utilizing the "fancy gadgets" we have around us: television, movies, video games, radio; the list is endless. With each gadget there comes a new form of representation, a new technique.

By viewing it this way, I've not only managed to connect the word 'technology' to its root, "technique," but I've also manged to relate it with the word 'narrative' without having to "divorce" it from its original meaning.

Overall, I have come to same conclusion as some others have; I think that 'narrative' and 'technology' evolve as one. As I'm sure House of Leaves will show us, a lot can be done with print. But without new techniques (read: technology) to assist us, the progress of the narrative would eventually grind to a halt. On the other side of coin, without the demand for new ways to portray the events of life, I believe many of the gadgets we have today would not exist.

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