Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Here we go...

I’ve never been quite good at expressing my thoughts and ideas, and I don’t expect to blossom into an awe inspiring essayist by the end of this semester. That being said, I hope you all will bare with me as I attempt to do anything but bore you with my forced witticisms and most likely sub par responses.

Narrative to me, like most everyone else has said, is a way of telling a story; a series of related events strung together for one reason or another. For whatever reason, the author has set out to tell this story, to narrate it, in hope that we may come out of it being better informed or having learned some sort of a lesson.

We said in class that agriculture is technology, but in my mind that is not the case. To me, technology is anything new and innovative. Or anything that allows for advancement. When I think of the word technology, I automatically think of computers. Or iPods (and how they are currently developing technology that will allow the user to control their music with their jaw. Random interjection, yes. But, to me, that is technology; advancement.)

I agree with what has been said on the relationship between narrative and technology; that is, that the two evolve symbiotically. With the invention of new technologies, we find new ways of creating narratives. Written word translated to radio, which in turn translated to television, and so on and so forth. From where we are now, who knows what could happen in twenty or so years. With advancements in technology I am sure we will be seeing an abundance of change in the way we view narrative.


Nik said...

In a slight tangent that has little to nothing to do with narrative:

did you ever hear of the Aura project that they were working on at CMU? This is the link -


Watch the video. Your comment about the iPod being able to be controlled by your jaw reminded me of that.

Speaking of iPods, though, podcasts! Another form of narration?

Tim said...

Ah, yes! I didn't even think to mention those!