Sunday, January 18, 2009

Modified Group Assignments

Dan Green, Brendan Shay
John Whithead*, Nathaniel Bacon
Heather Friedberg, Scott Lavoritano
Krystal Heath, *Marika
Megan Schwemer, Tricia George
Chris Weiss, Bob
Amanda Kern, Josh Bowman
Kate*, Jason W.*

New assignments are indicated with an asterisk. If you're in group 1, but you just added the class, you also should do your paper for this week - but you should note when posting it that you're in group one, and you should only use the prompts for the first group. If you're in group 2, but newly assigned, just smoothly enter into group 2.

Email me, or add a comment here, if you have any questions.


K8 said...

I'm not sure if I'm in group 1 or 2.

Adam Johns said...

You're in group 1. Assuming you're Kate, which I think you are.