Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome & Group Assignments

You have now successfully located the blog! Welcome.

Here are the group assignments. I have you arranged into pairs; if you're on the left side of the pair (before the comma), you're in group 1: that means that you're writing a paper for next Tuesday. If you're on the right side (after the comma), you're in group 2: that means that you are commenting on some else's paper next weak.

For those of you in group one: I'll have the prompt posted some time tomorrow.

For those of you in group two: we'll spend some time in class next week talking about your duties.

For everyone: just to clarify, readings are listed on the syllabus when they are due - so you're reading 16-90 of Frankenstein, as well as Bill Joy's essay, which you'll find here (the address is also on the syllabus) for next week. Bring a printed copy of Joy's essay, as well as your copy of Frankenstein, to class (again, as instructed on the syllabus).

Now, here are the group assignments/pairings:

Dan Green, Brendan Shay
Maher Elharake, Nathaniel Bacon
Heather Friedberg, Scott Lavoritano
Krystal Heath, Nik Ahmad Munawwar Nik Din
Megan Schwemer, Tricia George
Chris Weiss, Bob
Amanda Kern, Josh Bowman

For now we have an odd number of people; I will make adjustments as people add & drop.

Note that I have the assignments arranged in pairs to indicate who will be commenting on whose blog entries for the first couple weeks.

If anyone has any questions, post them here!

Edit (Wednesday evening): Slight change in the pairings.

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