Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Final Project

For my final project i plan to make my interpretation of the box with the so called manuscript that Jonny Truant finds and interprets/compiles. Now i don't expect capture the content of or mantain any consitstancy with Zanpano but rather express to the Jonny in the reader the feeling and experience of coming across a fragmented shmorgasborg of of ideas. I dont know exactly how to go about setting up the interactive portion, but id like to have people on the blog be able to activly compile a virtual box full of said shmorgasborg (somehow having access to maybe thumbnails or files or full text that can easily be moved around as frgmented units with out being able to be edited or removed while allowing the individual reader to add footnotes and thier own entries to construct their own house of leave, which could be saved and archived alowwing for almost limitteless possibilities for form and content. Potentially i could set up a server full of files being like a virtual box of Zanpano that users could access and add files to in addition to having a "house" file where compilations with additions and footnotes could be saved. I could use open source distributions that are compatible with various operating systems that people would have free access to on the internet, something simple like filezilla)of course id be the first to make a compilation and make my house, but i think it could be interesting and educational.

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Adam Johns said...

I have a little trouble following exactly what you're up to. What I do understand seems rather provocative & interesting. It's totally unclear what your argument is (unless, perhaps, your argument is somehow an application of the GNU/FSF philosophy? Or am I overreaching there?), and it's also unclear who would be moving around these files, and what they would be doing with them - I'm not sure whether they are supposed to only be metaphorically like the contents of the box, or whether the connection is more direct.

All of that being said - and with the caveat that I have only the vaguest idea of what you're up to - couldn't you do this, or simulate this, using a wiki? Or am I missing something here?