Thursday, April 9, 2009

Final Project

For my project I am going to focus on Jimmy Corrigan and the relationship that the World Columbian Exchange has with Chris Ware’s story.  Ware spends so much of the book explaining and carefully detailing the importance of the WCE, the history and background of the exposotion is significant because it was such a monumental time to recognize advances in the arts, architecture and specifically technology. Therefore I want to research the historic significance in relating the history to the class’s technological aspect. This will also transition into the symbolic meaning of Jimmy Corrigans experience at the fair. The reason Ware chooses this to take up a substantial part of the whole book.

I find Ware’s extensive detail on the architecture and technology very interesting and it is clear he is trying to emphasize the relationship it has with the human race, is it bettering our condition or are we becoming lost in a technological funk that is leading to our sadness. This will go hand in hand with the story of Jimmy Corrigan because he is paralleling the two ideas very well and on a grand scale using the World Columbian Exchange as an example. 

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Adam Johns said...

Obviously this is a subject, not an argument - it's also material that we spent some time on in class.

My suggestion? Since this will demand some research, try to quickly *focus* that research, as a way of discovering an argument. For instance, decide whether you're most interested in Ware's depiction/use of electricity, or architecture, or some other technology on display at the fair - then zero in on the relevant images and the relevant research. That still doesn't give you an argument, but it gives you a specific enough focus that it might not be too difficult to come up with one.