Saturday, April 19, 2014

Final Instructions

Most of you have heard most of this already - this is just an attempt to put everything in one place.
  1. Final Projects.
    1. The guidelines for the project are with the prompt for the proposal are here: You should review them now, and again before submitting. Only one thing has changed (see below).
    2. I do expect to see research in all essays. I also expect to see research cleverly incorporated into most creative projects. If you want to be an exception to that rule, you need to discuss it with me.
    3. I modified the section on Marcuse, to make it clear that Marcuse was not an absolute requirement - subsituting another source instead is fine (so 2 sourcues + Marcuse or 3 sources, hopefully one of which is theoretical/philosophical in character). This change was verbally discussed in class, but I put it here for reference.
    4. I will read drafts as long as I can do so. If you send me a draft by Tuesday I will probably be able to respond to it, but I make no guarantees for anything sent past Sunday.
  2. There are two alternative due dates. If you want to receive written feedback, you must turn the project in (over email or by posting it on the blog) by 6:00 p.m. next Thursday (the 24th). If you are beyond caring about feedback and you need extra time, you have until 8 a.m. next Saturday, the 26th. If you’re not done by early Saturday morning, you need to contact me to discuss your options (most likely I’ll ask you to turn in whatever you’ve got).
  3. Self-evaluations are also due by Saturday morning. The instructions, which have not changed, are here
  4. Don’t forget to evaluate me (you should have received instructions from the relevant department over email) if you haven’t done so.

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