Friday, March 1, 2013

Prompts for 1st Class on Ware/Marcuse

Images in Jimmy Corrigan

Do a close reading/viewing of an image, or brief series of images in Jimmy Corrigan. This means that you should select a single image (probably in a single frame or short sequence of frames, although it might be a repeating image), examine it as closely as you can, and explain in detail how it can help us understand either the book as a whole, or a particular section of it. For instance - you could analyze the significance of the details of Jimmy’s apartment as he works up his courage to call Peggy, or you could analyze the details of the appearance of the “dream-robot.”

The Instructions

Pick some part of the “general instructions” on the inside cover of Jimmy Corrigan, and use those instructions (which are simultaneously serious and funny, very complicated and silly - this isn’t easy material) to explain how we ought to read some section of the book (as short as an image, or as long as a few pages). Note that the instructions appear in images as well as in words.


If I think of a good prompt bringing together Marcuse and Ware, I'll add it here.

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