Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Assigned Partners

I'm using screen names here. . .

Charity will comment on Matt.
Max will comment on Hoss.
Philip will comment on CBT6.
Sam will comment on Kevin.
Mathew will comment on Testanick.
Karag will comment on Jake (Jake the Snake is the screen name, I think) once he has successfully posted his piece.
Dino will comments on whoever he feels like (other than on John, who already has a 10/10, as everyone knows).

This covers everyone who has posted either this week or last week. IMPORTANT: anyone in group #2 not on this list will, like Dino, pick one person to comment on other than John. If you have any questions or comments about this, post them as comments to this thread.


mek41 said...

I posted my intro and first post for group 1, i think u were the only one who left a comment and i'm not sure who my partner is supposed to be. this is munir btw.

Adam Johns said...

I'll go ahead and comment on it - since you're posting late, that's the easy way to handle it.