Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Assignment #2 (for Group 2)

Choose one of these two topics.

Option #1)

One thing you'll note from reading Joy's article is that it is long on problems and short on solutions. Focusing on one problem raised by Joy, present a detailed argument about what our response to Joy should be. By "response" I don't mean emotion - I mean action. What, specifically, should we (as individuals or as a culture) do.

Note that this doesn't mean that you need to agree with Joy. You should take him seriously (one important thing to do in this article is to pay attention to the ways in which he establishes his credibility), but you might just as well attack him as defend him.

If you defend him on some point, you should both discuss why you find him credible and what the appropriate response to the situation is. If you attack him, you should explain why you don't find him credible and what we should do in response.

In any case, you should focus on specific passages, citing page numbers and making use of quotes.

Option #2

Make an argument addressing this question: is true change possible in The House of the Seven Gables? The question is simple; here's the complicated part. You must display detailed knowledge of the text, both citing numerous passages in defense of your position (using whatever citation method you are comfortable with -- just using parentheses and page numbers if fine) and, just as importantly, imagining and responding to at least one counterargument to your position.

Your concept of "change" should be clearly defined and focused: for instance, you might focus on cultural or political change, or you might mean something even more precise.

Finally - and here's the catch - you should give some indication as to why, as readers of The House of the Seven Gables we should care about the answer you give - how does it effect our understanding of the book (so far) as a whole?

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