Monday, January 14, 2008

Informal Post 1

My name is Tony Finoli and I am a senior materials science and engineering major. I'm also am currently gaining a biology background because my work deals with bioreactor systems with respect to the materials and structure of them. We work mainly with artificial bone marrow and livers. Because of the nature of my work I work with many different technologies everyday ranging from very expensive high tech electron microscopes with computer aided interfaces that make use relatively easy, to rigs comprised of low tech labware tailored for custom use and to conserve grant money. Whether I am using an advanced computer system or tubing and a tank of air, technology is crucial to my work.

The most intriguing aspect of 'Modern Times' to me was worker's strife. When I was in middle school and high school I read several John Steinbeck novels, one my favorites being 'In Dubious Battle'. This book was focused on a communist group in the mid-1930's that promoted workers rights and eventually they go to a farm and start a strike and the novel chronicles the events that follow. I thought the movie did a great job in showing how these union strikes affected the common worker. Even though for the most part these strikes were designed to establish rights to the workers, at the same time the workers were left without work and much needed money. In 'In Dubious Battle' the striking workers had a save haven at a farm where food and shelter were somewhat provided but in 'Modern Times' Charlie Chaplin was left on the streets jobless. His character is quite happy being in jail and away from the free world where jobs are scarce and money is hard to come by.

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