Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hi everyone! I’m Eric Bray and I’m a freshman. As I mentioned in class, I’m in the pre-pharmacy program. I eventually would like to be involved in drug research and development.  I come from the very small town of Kane, in northern Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh provided quite a shock, but I’ve adapted to the city life and enjoy every minute of it. I enjoy many types of music. I play the tenor saxophone in Pitt’s jazz band, and I’m teaching myself how to play guitar. I have always had an interest in technology and I’m currently employed at my home town’s school district as a technology assistant.  

As we discussed in class the word technology is based on the Greek words techne and logos. In my opinion a person can possess every imaginable device that could be classified as technology, but to this person it doesn’t become technology until he can use it.  Last semester I took Intro to Archeology. One of the many things I learned in this class was how early writing developed. As early writing systems developed the canvas and the scribing instrument where readily available. Together these items became a technology when they were used with some technique. The development of technology continues as we learn to manipulate and take advantage of the world around us.

In Modern Times development of technology can be seen through the progress of spoken words. The movie starts out with very mechanical sounding voices being produced by machinery, and ends with singing coming from a person.  This movie starts by showing where the motion picture was and ends by representing where it will be going. Moving forward is a major aspect of technology. The earliest forms of writing developed from small sets of cuneiform characters into the complex written languages that we have today. The changing of how voice is presented in Modern Times shows development in voice technology.

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