Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wall Street Journal- Technology section

In yesterday's WSJ there was an entire section devote to technology.  I found this rather interesting, especially the article about predictions made about technology.  If I could find the article online, I'd post, but I can't.  

The article covered the good predictions that an IBM executive made about the advancement of CPU speed, but it also said that experts predicted that by 2008 we would have light bulbs that would tell us (or our computers) that they were burned out and automatically order replacements.  The article admits while this is possible, it makes no sense to have automated light bulbs.

This just made me think about how we and technology interact.  For the most part we assume we will adopt new technology, because it makes our life easier, but there are clearly instances where technology becomes superfluous.

On the other hand, future technology while superfluous can be really sweet.

I'm gonna buy a pair when these come on the market.

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