Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Informal Post

My name is Brian Henzy and I am a sophomore majoring in finance or economics, or maybe both. I hope to enter the business world and become a successful financial advisor or consultant. I am from the Philly area and will probably remain there after college. As far as hobbies go I really like skiing, relaxing, going to the beach, working out, Pitt sports, and going out on weekends. I have worked at a car dealership since high school and am really into cars. Technology although not a direct impact on my life, like some others describing complex machinery and finite tools used at work, is still an integral part of everyday life. I have designed websites before and done some photo editing before. Although I am not very good at video games and rarely play I do enjoy ones that I am good at. Otherwise I normally get really frustrated and stop playing completely.

The movie Modern Times was a complete change from movies that I typically watch. I think it was the first silent film I have ever seen. I was impressed by how much plot development and elaboration the movie had even though there was no speaking. The body language and exaggerated facial expressions portrayed a lot of emotions. I too want to agree with everyone that Charlie Chaplain singing in a different language was weird but I think it went along with the rest of the movie. Because we still had no idea what was being said so it was just like saying nothing. We still had to inference what was going on by his tone and body language.

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Adam Johns said...

The body language of silent film fascinates me, too. In silent film, we might say, bodies do the talking - bodies become voices. That's one reason the film is so interested in the coming of voice technology - disembodied voices threaten to replace "speaking" bodies...