Monday, September 10, 2007

Blog Assignment #3 (group 1)

This is due by Wednesday morning, before class (Tuesday night will be standard, but I'm posting this later than I would like).

Keep in mind our discussion of irony from today. Irony, for our purposes, is "speaking with a forked tongue," saying one thing while meaning another. As in "Thank you, officer," or "I'm happy to have had the chance to take biochemistry for the third time." Tricky's appropriation of "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" is a classic example of how irony works.

Your assignment is to locate at least one specific passage in "A Connecticut Yankee" where you believe Twain is being ironic, using Hank Morgan's voice: in other words, Hank Morgan says one thing, but Twain means another. Discuss the importance of this particular instance of irony.

You might optionally relate this to other texts as well; your discussion might involve Davis, Lyotard, or even Marcuse.

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