Friday, September 28, 2007

I've decided on Machinima

Aparantly my midterm idea has a name- Machinema (machine+cinema). That's interesting. I'm wondering how I can use this genre with my project. I've written and "shot" the movie I plan to turn in, and it's now in post-production. It's tough getting the sound right, but it should turn out pretty O.K. Here's the basic questions I'm throwing up to the teeming masses reading this:

1) How should I handle dialogue?
a. Use subtitles- it'll keep me from having to use actors, which is kinda the point of this project (watch me tell a story without people!).
b. Use voice actors- It'll liven the dialogue with emphases that are important to good stories.
c. Narrate myself- I don't really like this one, but I wanted a third option.

2) Essay accompaniment
a. Write about the movie and their higher significance to the plot (every scene represents and archetypal situation)
b. Write about Machinema's beginnings, trends, current affairs, etc.
c. Write nothing- the movie speaks for itself.

3) In a few parts of the movie, things happen very quickly, often with no explanation. Should I extend them?
a. Leave them alone. I'm not making a Hollywood blockbuster here. There's only so much I can do in 10 minutes of "film".
b. I shouldn't sacrifice quality for time. It's important to tell the story smoothly, regardless of the time it takes to do so.
c. Something else?

Thanks for any help, guys.


Adam Johns said...

First, I love the title.

I'm going to remain silent on question 1 - I'm curious what people will say.

For question 2, I'd suggest a or b, with one qualification - you might be interested in contextualizing your machinema in relationship to other works driven by or highly influenced by technology/technological innovation. Modern Times and A Connecticut Yankee would obviously be good examples; I also have a cd of music for player piano and barrel organ in mind (Ligeti, Mechanical Music). I guess this is a variation on option b - you'd be contextualizing your film artistically.

For question 3, it's hard to answer without seeing it. I'd be happy to take 10 minutes of class so you could show the movie to everyone. This is an open offer for anyone working (at least partially) in non-written media, by the way.

Mike K said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "contextualize" in this sense. Can you elaborate?

If I showed it in clasa and didn't make major changes, wouldn't that kinda ruin it when it's done? I was planning on waiting til it was done to show it.

Adam Johns said...

As far as showing it in class, that's entirely up to you - I was just opening it as a possibility if you wanted to get feedback now.

As far as contextualizing, I was suggesting that one way of writing an essay, at least for option b, one interesting aspect of writing about its "beginnings, trends, current affairs, etc." would be to discuss it, or your goals, in relationship to other highly machine-oriented works of art, like the Ligeti music I mentioned.

That's just one suggestion for finding a precise essay topic, though. It's hardly sacred - you may come up with a much better idea.