Saturday, September 22, 2007

My idea.

It seems like a few people were considering to do CYOA's for the project. Myself having never read a CYOA am somewhat frightened by the idea of doing so, but I lack any other talents. Basically, I would rather do this than write an essay.

So here is my idea:

So you guys may or may not have heard of "A Sound of Thunder" by Bradbury. Basically it deals with time travel and what can go wrong if one causes a rift in history.

Anyways, my idea involves time travel, and the decision one makes on whether or not to go back in time, and what happens as a result of their actions. Obviously I would somehow involve technology into the idea (it is about time travel). But also I would point out the influence technology has on our lives and what leads us to making certain choices.

I don't know. This is a very rough idea and I am still working things out. We'll see what happens.


Jessica S. said...

It sounds like you are in a state where you can envision what you want but are in the transition of coming up with concrete ideas to bring it to life.

Good luck, I think you didn't get many comments because the lack of specifics to comment on. If you come up with some, you should post again. The basic idea so far sounds great.

Adam Johns said...

As a rough idea, it sounds fine. I'll bring in The Cave of Time to class today, so you can have a look at it; CYOAs often use time travel as an initial device, although what you're proposing to do is more sophisticated than that.

I'd recommend focusing on a single technology, or a single family of technologies (i.e., the railroad, the printing press, etc.) - you won't be able to educate yourself about the history of all technologies for one project, but you could read a book or two about a single technology

For a general introduction to the history of technology, I recommend Arnold Pacey's Technology in World Civilization, which is short but not at all simple, and could give you a great start.