Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Midterm Ideas (Need help)!

Well, I have been thinking about a few things I could do for my midterm project. However, I really can't think exactly what I am going to do with them.

I'm a Computer Science major and I had a little CYOA idea floating in my head about a computer hacker who finds him/herself in 1912 (It's this Sci-Fi idea I've had for a while). Now, I am putting this in the back of my head, because I feel I am stealing from the Titanic: Adventure out of Time video game (Yes, I'm a big Titanic enthusiast). It's still floating around in there, though.

Another CYOA idea I have is actually based on a story I started about two years ago, but never actually finished, surrounding a nuclear accident near the city of Chicago. The story revolves around an accident at the fictional nuclear power plant Vinwood, situated just outside Chicago. The plant was a $700 million project built by the Greater Illinois Power Company (fictional). The plant had been in operation for about a year before the accident, and was the first nuclear plant built in the United States since the Three Mile Island incident in 1979. The main character in the story is Richard, the plant's Control Room Supervisor. Now, the decisions the reader makes will determine the outcome. Basically, in this story, the fate of Chicago, and the eastern United States, is in your hands. The events that will take place in the story will be based on the events at that occured at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

Not only am I a computer scientist and a Titanic enthusiast, but I am also a railroad enthusiast and my other CYOA idea revolved around the development of the railroads in the early 20th Century. The story begins with a young businessman who starts his own railroad company in 1915. New advancements in railroad technology, train accidents, and the reader's actions will affect the future of the company. The story will span the life of the company until the businessman dies (either by old age or by an accident).

I'm not too sure about this next idea, but I was thinking about taking a leaf from Mike's book and make a movie. The reason I'm not really thinking about doing this is because of how I am planning to make it; the same way a lot of people on YouTube make their films. Capture video from a game and then synchronize it to the audio from a motion picture. Like this, for example (Titanic + RollerCoaster Tycoon 3). The only difference was that I was thinking about using A Night to Remember rather than Cameron's film.
This idea is almost dead, actually. I just want to know what everyone thinks.

Those are my ideas so far, though I might come up with others. I am leaning towards doing the Nuclear plant CYOA, but the Hacker in 1912 idea is still floating in my head.

What I want to know is, which idea should I go for? Should I do them as I have mentioned or should I change certain elements of them?

What do you think?



Adam Johns said...

I like all of the ideas, for my part; the only obviously important thing is to decide on one soon.

What would the story of the hacker in 1912 be about? That's the critical question for me about that one. Would it be a story (like Twain's) about someone who starts a technological revolution before the world is "ready" for it? Or about how he/she would experience cultural difference? If this person is literally a hacker, what impact would hacking culture have on this period in U.S. history?

That leads to my substantive comment. You have three interesting ideas, all three of which have a highly specific cultural/historical/technological setting. So maybe this is the most critical factor: do you know more about nuclear power plants, about railroads, or about the U.S. in 1912?

I was already thinking about changing the syllabus to talk about CYOAs sooner; now I know we're going to do it (details forthcoming).

Mike K said...

Go with your CYOA w/ the nuke plant. But why a nuclear power plant when you can have a nuclear bomb? A small one, briefcase-sized. Throw in an evil overlord and you've got a book.