Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fan Fiction, Original Fiction, and RPG Boards

I thought I might be doing a service to someone if I posted a link or two regarding places to experience/view meta-fiction and/or original fiction.

For anyone who is a fan of any sort of novel, anime, cartoon, TV series, etc. who wants a place to post (and copyright) their pieces of fanfiction/meta-fiction and receive reviews on their work, I'd highly suggest that you visit FanFiction.com.

Anyone who wants a place to post ORIGINAL fiction, and receive reviews on your work, I would suggest the website FictionPress.com

Finally, if someone is interested in forum based role-playing games, I would suggest inputting " RPG" (without commas) at EzBoard or Invision.

If someone might be interested in being part of the meta-fiction project that I'll be doing with Nik and wishes to join in or just find a place to write in a universe based on their favorite anime/tv series/movies and wants some extra help/direction, IM me at SoccerRenegade20 on AIM.

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