Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Understanding the change - Graded blog

First off I don’t know how I’m supposed to come up with an argument to make others understand a book that I don’t understand myself. So this probably won’t make any sense itself. The passage I chose is on page 141, the bottom left square.

This passage talks about the future and how readers will take different views about newspapers and magazines than they do right now. It talks about this because the readers will no longer be able to tell the difference between real pictures with one that has been changed in some way. Then it goes on to say even if editors refuse to go along with the temptations of manipulating the photographs, that their integrity will still be less valuable than before.

My interpretation of this is that you can replace the word photograph with the word book. So my understanding is that readers will have different ways to view the book than they did before because the new technology allows for things that couldn’t be done before. That is exactly how I feel about this book. Danielewski is changing the way things are done to make something that is not real, seem real. And it actually does. This book can almost be passed off as a true story.

One way this book has been modified is that he uses false footnotes. They seem real enough, but very few, if any of them are actually sources. They were created to make the readers believe something that isn’t true. That is just like the passage that talks about creating pictures to make the viewers believe something that never happened.

Another way the book is different than a normal book is its form. The way paragraphs go all over the place and how it goes back and forth between Johnny and Zampano. It was also manipulated to make you think it is real, but as the passage on 141 says, even though things will seem more real, people won’t view them in that way because of the new technology which allows for the reader to be deceived.

So I believe this passage will help you understand the book better by not trying to figure out what is really going on. Just go with what the story is trying to show you and enjoy it rather than to look hard into it. Even though it will not seem real as it once did, you may be able to understand it better now.

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