Friday, November 30, 2007

"Mind Numbing, Overstimulating Depth"

This is a brief overview of what my midterm project was.

My midterm project is a CYOA designed to show how the thinning of the line between reality and manufactured alternate realities creates interesting new ways to interact. Originally a formal essay on simulation, I took many of the main points of my argument and used the decisions of a skilled programmer/developer to show the increasing importance of manufactured alternate realities in our world today and some of the possible consequences (although extreme) of this shift in today’s society.

I presented a lot of interesting scenarios and topics in the midterm but there are moments, though, when my best ideas could be pushed a little bit further. For my final project I intend to do this by incorporating actual references and researching more on VR in an attempt to ground some of my examples. The key plan for my final is depth; mind numbing, overstimulating depth. (As much depth as a CYOA can afford).

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Adam Johns said...

I don't have much to add other than "go and do it." Mind numbing, overstimulating depth is exactly what I want -- especially in a particular way. It's easy to see CYOAs as being inevitably shallow; your project has the potential to undo that impression. One other suggestion - post a couple versions of the project as you work or, if you're feeling really brave, do it as a website -- this would work especially well for you because you have things like the youtube link.