Sunday, November 25, 2007

Regarding Final Projects and Blogs

I hope everybody got a little rest over Thanksgiving. I got some, but I'm losing my mind trying to catch up now.

Here's what I'm looking for from you for the rest of the semester.

1) This week (by Friday) I want to see some kind of project proposal, hopefully one containing either a thesis (and a bibliography) or a clear statement of your artistic goals, as well as an attempt to explain how your project connects with the class as a whole. Mike's post below this one works. Everybody must do this this week (as an ungraded blog entry), or have your class participation grade grotesquely mangled (don't ask for details).

2) Next week (by Friday) I want to see a rough draft, posted on the blog (as a link, if you think that's preferable). I hope to see 4+ pages for most of you. This will count as a graded blog entry (your last one).

3) Everybody _must_ offer a detailed set of comments on someone's draft, or have their final project grade penalized by 5 points.

4) If you've got questions, blog about them (best), ask about them in class (also fine), or email them to me (fine too, but if the questions might be relevant to others, please ask them where others can see/hear the answers.

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