Friday, November 16, 2007

a little help please...

Hey guys,

So I didn't make it to class today because I was invited to attend a luncheon to meet with BioE Dean's from other colleges. Thus, I was wondering if anyone would be nice enough and tell me what we discussed in class today.

I'll give you a gold star... or a cookie if you prefer :)



Yomi said...

Hey Emily we discussed HoL again. No Class on Monday; start thinking about your Final Project and blog about it hopefully. Enjoy your thanksgiving break.

Mike K said...

"Hey honey, I couldn't keep our date cause I was out cheating on you. How was dinner?"

Fine, Emily. Ditch us for other schools, see if we care :-)

LSack said...

I just want to say: If any guys respond after this reply, you are just trying way too hard.

Try talking to her in real life guys.