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Sam Luffy Final Project

Sam Luffy
Final Project
Many-headed Monsters

“Single vision produces worse illusions than double vision or many-headed monsters.”
- (Haraway, Cyborg Manifesto, p154)

For background information on Haraway, turn to (1)*
To understand the quote in context, turn to (4)*
How this quote relates to everyday life (6)*

1.) She earned a degree in Zoology and Philosophy, studied philosophies of evolution, earned a Ph. D. from the Biology Department of Yale and wrote her dissertation on the functions of metaphor in shaping research in developmental biology in the twentieth century. Haraway has taught Women's Studies and General Science at the University of Hawaii and Johns Hopkins University. In 2000, Haraway was awarded the highest honor given by the Society for Social Studies of Science, the J. D. Bernal Award, for lifetime contributions to the field. Haraway has also lectured in feminist theory and techno-science at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Haraway is a leading thinker about people's love and hate relationship with machines.If you think Haraway is an important individual, very smart, and would like to meet her (7)*If you think she is probably a huge bitch (8)*
2.) )51(?skcartecar dnuora sdeeps taht gniht taht si tahW . . . looc saw taht ?railimaf kool ,gnittamrof eht fo emos no pu kcip lliw uoy ebyaM .gnihton tu_ba brulb s__t ni dnuora f____s emo_ gniworht tsuj ma I . yojne uoy epoh I .ko s’that ,tamrof eht gniwollof fo deatsni koob siht hguorht gnillor tsuj era uoy fI.
3.) In the book Jimmy Corrigan, Jimmy has many different personalities and aspects on life. Throughout the story he is changing age; we are receiving different viewpoints through these changes. Because of these different perspectives, we can learn more about him this way than if we were to just read words describing what it was like. Now, we are seeing for ourselves what it is like. After all, can you really believe anything someone tells you? (15)
4.) In context, Haraway is speaking of a cyborg world that might be about lived social and bodily realities in which people are not afraid of their joint kinship with animals and machines, not afraid of permanently partial identities and contradictory standpoints. The political struggle is to see from both perspectives at once because each reveals both dominations and possibilities unimaginable from the other vantage point. The above statements are in the same paragraph as the original quote. They give an introduction and a preliminary definition of what “Single vision . . .” means. If you would like to see other quotes from Haraway (11)*Would like to see how the quote relates to other works (9)*
5.) That’s fine. I’m sure you are one of those people who “change” the world every step. Good luck with that. (15)
6.) In order to accomplish great things in life, you must be open-minded. To learn most things, your mind must be flexible. Many vantage points are always better than one. There is more clarity in a television screen that has many pixels. This world needs more open-minded individuals and people that are willing to accept and combine different methods of doing things in order to make a “better” hybrid method. (15)
7.) If you agreed to pick this branch only because you think she is smart, the rest of these words probably do not apply to you. Then again, they still might.I do not want to take anything away from her accomplishments, good for her. It is very impressive that she earned a Ph. D from the Biology Department at Yale, I’m sure that was very difficult to do. Unfortunately, I cannot understand someone who calls themselves a leading thinker about people’s love and hate relationships with machines. Why is this important? I am a relatively simple individual and hate when things are over complicated. When people are making a living because they are reaping the benefits off of lost souls looking for reasons why their lives are so screwed up, I do not have respect for them. There are two types of people in this world; those who increase the wealth of society and those who think they do. I don’t mean monetary wealth; I mean overall intelligence and increased benefits to society. When someone is talking about relationships with machines and focusing on women’s issues that are irrelevant, they are letting the world pass them by because they are focused on unimportant nonsense. It is very hard to find a good leader, and if you find Haraway to be a leader and life changer, I do not like you. Agree with what I said (10)*Disagree (13)*Think I am an asshole (5)*Want to make your own decisions (15)*
8.) I’ll agree with you. I do not like to judge people before I personally get to know them, but she sure seems like the type of person I do not like. Most people with this type of background (speaking more of her feministic past) think they are better than others. This could be why she feels the need to tell others how to make their lives better. If you find yourself telling others how to live when they never asked for your opinion, you are probably an asshole. Live your life. Can you figure that out? (15)*
9.) This quote can be applied to many different aspects of life and different works that were read throughout this class. This quote, if someone is looking for a new outlook on life, can change their way of thinking. The problem is, people who have a closed mind will not accept this idea. The idea has to come from parents and be pushed on kids at a young age. Again, this raises another problem. There are a lot of parents out there that are stupid and have no idea of this concept. So basically, every generation gets more stupid and unaware, they will become followers. The kids who are being taught to see the “big picture” are the ones who will be successful, although they may be considered strange at a young age. This will go away after others realize that they are the next leaders of the world and are the ones to follow. There are a lot of accusations being thrown around here, let me summarize this a little bit. Most people are unaware of their surroundings and focus on unimportant bullshit. People must be taught and must learn that the world is much bigger than them. Relates to Jimmy Corrigan (3)*Relates to The House of the Seven Gables (12)*What will make us see the “big picture” (14)*
10.) My man. Think for yourself; be aware of others, take control of your life. End.
11.) I could write another paper on any one of these quotes. These are here to give examples of Haraway’s writing style and to give more background on where the quote I am using came from.“The cyborg is a matter of fiction and lived experience that changes what counts as women’s experience in the late twentieth century. This is a struggle over life and death, but the boundary between science fiction and social reality is an optical illusion.”(Haraway, Cyborg Manifesto, p149)“The main trouble with cyborgs, of course, is that they are the illegitimate offspring of militarism and patriarchal capitalism, not to mention state socialism. But illegitimate offspring are often exceedingly unfaithful to their origins. Their fathers, after all, are inessential.”( Haraway, Cyborg Manifesto, p151)“They could not achieve man’s dream, only mock it. They were not man, an author to himself, but only a caricature of that masculinist reproductive dream.”( Haraway, Cyborg Manifesto, p152)“Abstraction and illusion rule in knowledge, domination rules in practice.”( Haraway, Cyborg Manifesto, p158)
12.) In The House of the Seven Gables, Holgrave acknowledges his feelings for Phoebe and proceeds to tell her the “story of the deed”. He tells her of the hypnotic actions of a Maule ancestor on young Alice Pyncheon. Holgrave then goes on to tell Phoebe that Maule’s actions led Alice to death. Yes, Maule was getting whatever he wanted out of Alice Pyncheon through hypnotism, but he did not fully understand what he was doing. Holgrave could use the same techniques on the willing Phoebe, but he is aware of the repercussions that will come with his actions.(15)
13.) You are entitled to your opinion; after all, you just read mine so I will respect yours. (15)
14.) There are a million things to say about the world today. Everyone has their own opinion and think their thoughts are the only correct ones. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Things need to “change”, especially in American’s mindsets, but that’s a whole other argument. New thoughts need to transform the way we are thinking today, and just because one person is claiming “change” doesn’t mean it is the correct change.“Each of us has our precious things, and as we care for them we locate the essence of our humanity. In the end, it is because of our great capacity for caring that I remain optimistic we will confront the dangerous issues now before us.”(Bill Joy, “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us”) Why is it important to see (16)*Something to live by (15)*
15.) Experience keeps a dear school, but a fool will learn in no other. End
16.) If you are just rolling through this book instead of following the format, that’s ok. I hope you enjoy it. I am just throwing some stuff around in this little blurb about nothing. Maybe you will pick up on some of the formatting, look familiar?
That was cool . . . What is that thing that speeds around racetracks? (15)
17.) Every day, there are people who live aimlessly and have no idea what is going on around them. One of my favorite movies, Shashank Redemption, has a line in it that sums of most of my everyday thoughts. “Get busy living or get busy dying”. The following is a short Choose Your Own Adventure story that will hopefully provide some comic relief. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Story Inside of a Story
Sam Luffy

This is a choose your own adventure book. Each decision you make will result in (+/-) points. Whenever you reach the end of a story, add up your points. If you have negative points, you made a few bad decisions that resulted in you dying. You will be able to go back and try your luck again; but beware, there are a lot of unexpected endings.
1.) Open your Eyes. Be aware of your surroundings. See yourself from others shoes. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the Living expression of God’s kindness. Kindness in your face, Kindness in your eyes, Kindness in your smile. -Mother Teresa
2.) Walking up the library steps, you hear a few girls behind you giggling. What do you do?Walk into the library and try and find your friends (6)*Walk in first but hold the door behind you (7)*Open the door and let them walk in front of you (8)*
3.) Idiot. (-5) Did I not just tell you that you were an asshole? Assholes surround themselves by other unaware, incoherent, self-conscious pieces of crap. The reason someone is an asshole is because no one ever told them that they were an asshole. Now your friends are being obnoxious, you guys aren’t aware that others are trying to study in the club, which they also call a library, and the girls want no part of you. You are done, but I hope all is not lost in you (1)*
4.) You get back to your house with your girlfriend and lay down on the couch. The lights are off and you turn on the television. She rests her head on your chest and you put your arm around her. When you lay there, there is nowhere else you would rather be. So, there is actually no point in trying to continue this story. (1)
5.) Walking into the main room of the library, you hear some music playing. Club Hillman is bumping tonight. Your friends are on the table dancing. There are girls swinging from the rafters. Stay and join the party (9)*Tell your friends to settle down (11)*Leave the library (22)*
6.) (-3) Way to go slick, you are an asshole. Be aware of your surroundings. You just missed a great opportunity to be a gentleman and talk to a few very attractive members of the opposite sex. Now, luckily two of the three girls were also unaware and did not even realize that you let the door close in their faces. You saw these girls were very pretty and now would like a second opportunity.
Go find your friends and tell them about the hot girls. (3)*
Apologize for not holding the door and throw them a compliment. (20)*
7.) Good Job. (+2) You played it cool and were aware that there were some beautiful women behind you. They smile at you and give you a well deserved ‘Thank You’. This is a good start for you. As you follow them through the door, a loud noise comes from your right, and you hear a few people laugh. Go find your friends (5)*Help the girl to your right who just dropped her books (15)*Walk to your right to see what the noise was (24)*.
8.) Great Job. (+1) Unfortunately the sexy women that were behind you saw you check them out from head to toe. If you are going to do this, it has to be a quick up and down or pinpoint a location on their body and get a good look at it. Because you did not realize you were staring and that they were watching you, they now think you are a little creepy. Lucky for you though, they also know you are interested. Quit staring. Seriously, stop. You are a dumbass. Do you see the balcony you are walking towards? Oh well, I don’t know what season it is, but have a nice Fall. (1)
9.) The world doesn’t need any more assholes. Be respectful to others and learn to be aware of others needs. You don’t really deserve to live anymore. (1)
10.) (+3) Good man, way to be a gentleman. Your chivalrous tactics paid off. Whether you were playing games with her or were actually aware that she likes you and didn’t want this to be a one night stand, you went up in her book. In class the next day, she slips you the answer key along with her phone number. You go on to live happily ever after. The End
11.) That’s the way to be. Thank you for being aware of your surroundings. Once you settle everyone down and begin to study, you notice that you are bleeding. You reach down and find a knife is sticking out of your leg. You look around and see a bunch of people, all of whom could have stabbed you. The lights begin to dim; a man is standing over you. ‘You are not Dan, why are you taking me from my friends?’ Goodnight. (1)
12.) (-3) Although it would be fun, you need to have your priorities straight. You get so drunk that, on your way home, the cab driver takes you into a dark alley. He beats you and takes your money, you are left for dead. (1)*
13.) a.) (+3) Way to be responsible. Good intentions always work out for the best. continue to (b) b.) As you walk towards your friend Dan, he waves to you and tells you to meet his friends. You smile and introduce yourself, they said that they were glad you were there, they were going to go out with just Dan, but since you were such a gentleman earlier, they want you to come too.go to the bar (23)*stay and study for your exam tomorrow (25)*
14.) (-5) You are creepy. Lucky for you though, your friend knows the one. (13b)*
15.) (-3) You didn’t even know a girl dropped her books; I just had to tell you. Be more aware. You see your friends; they wave to you from across the library. It is very hard to read whenever you are tired. Studying calculus is not fun either.Stay and study (18)*Go home and watch a movie with your girlfriend (4)*Go to your brothers bar and have a few drinks (12)*
16.) (-3)As you are walking into your house, someone meets you at the front door. They tell you that Dan killed himself. When your friend needs your help, you better drop what you are doing and help him. Two days later, your friend Mike finds you face down on the floor. I agree, it is hard to carry someone’s life on your shoulders. (1)*
17.) I just told you to call her . . . not a very good listener. See ya. (1)*
18.) (+2) Studying for your test tomorrow is a good idea, but don’t forget to have a little fun every now and then. Why don’t you call your girlfriend and see what she is up to?Call your girlfriend(4)*Don’t call your girlfriend(17)*
19.) (-1) You should control yourself. Just because you can’t have fun and didn’t go out to the bar doesn’t mean you should kill yourself and burn down the library. I hope you had a good life. (1)*
20.) (+/- 0) “Sorry miss, when I saw you girls behind me I didn’t think 3 things that pretty could be real, just thought you were in my imagination.” . . . really? What a loser, they seemed to like it though; I guess the smile they gave you meant something.Go find your friends to study (13a)*Pretend to go find a seat but wait until they sit down and sit near them (14)*Go study on your own (19)*
21.) (-3) Not a good call. Karen was a classy girl; you also did not notice the ring on her finger. Karen’s friend Sandy would have gone home with you in a second, but you blew that one. Bad intentions my friend. You better start being more aware. Karen’s husband walks in when you have your hand on her knee and he pulls a gun on you. Sorry. (1)*
22.) You better have a better plan than that. Always have a plan. You are so lost you just fell off the face of the earth. (1)
23.) (+1)You get to the bar and start talking to the girls. A few drinks are being put back and a few laughs are shared. You learn that one of the girls, Karen, is the teaching assistant for your class. She catches you looking at her; she smiles and puts her hand on your knee. You learn that the answer key is at her house and she is interested in you going back to her apartment for a little fun. If you go back to her place you will not fall asleep ‘til very late.Go back to her place, have some fun, and get the answer key. (21) *Tell Karen it was nice meeting her and call her a cab. (10)*Go to the bathroom and talk to Dan about your options (28)*
24.) Bang. That loud noise was a gun. Way to be aware. You got caught in the crossfire. (1)*
25.) (+1) Way to leave those girls wanting more, don’t worry, you will see them later. You finish studying and feel very confident about your test tomorrow. So confident, you text Dan to find out what he and the girls are doing. Dan sends you a text that says “Help Me”, but since text messaging is just a machine relaying information, you cannot tell what kind of emotion is attached to his last correspondence. Run out of the library and get a taxi to Dan’s house (27)*Pack your things, go home and get to Dan’s an hour later (26)*Leave Dan to help himself (16)*
26.) (-5) When a friend says help me, you better at least call him to find out if anything is wrong. Dan was being held hostage and was eventually killed. The murderers looked through his phone and saw that he texted you, found your address in his address book and were waiting for you when you got home. You didn’t even get to his place. Bang. Bang. You are dead. (1)*
27.) (+2) You get to Dan’s house, the door is slightly open. There is some noise coming from inside but you cannot understand what is being said. You approach the door and slowly open it. Inside there are people standing over a man on the floor, but you do not recognize these people at first. Slowly approaching, the people do not notice you. You now can see who is on the floor, it is Dan. You hold your hands over your face, only to feel a hand pull them back down. You stare into His face, he smiles back. ‘Breathe’ He said. You were so stunned by Dan’s death, you forgot to breathe. He stood over you too, and carried you both out. (1)*
28.) (+1) While walking to bathroom at Mehhingways, you and Dan get into a fight. The kids you fight turn out to be “tougher” than you thought and are carrying a knife. Goodnight.(1)*

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