Monday, February 16, 2009

bob on IF

I have played through a little bit of the 2112 interactive fiction from the web site on the handout. I created a small map, up untill the point i died in an industrial accident. There are a few basic commands, nothing too complex, and an invintory that alows the transportation and use of tools and items. I could interact with my surroundings to an extent and could communicate with other "intelligent" forms. I'd be happy to show my map to anyone interested in a quick start to the mission of 2112 wich is to bring down the "priests" (the computer system that orginized and scientficicaly managed laborers). And i cant help but mention sim city in reference to scientific management. It is an obvious aplication of scientific management in a simulation of regional infrastructure.

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Bob said...

id also like to point people with video game nastalgia to the various abandonware repositories. searching abandonware on google should return reliable sites..abandonia and the abandonwarering