Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Hit me..."

I must say, the wit and sarcasm of the 80s is as every bit as hilarious of this decade. Zork, although frustrating in the first 20 minutes, became strangely addictive. That is, until I met my untimely death, for the 3rd time. But I'll get to that later. I sat down with my laptop, pen and paper to begin playing. After understanding that the forest was not never ending and that I kept stumbing across the same clearing, I returned to the house, delicate egg in tow.Upon entering the house I systematically stole the lunch, began my sub map of the house, discovered the difference between "lift rug" and "move rug", killed the troll and promptly discarded my map. I developed a strong hatred for the chimney realizing that i could only climb it with sword and lantern in tow. Dropping my inventory, I lost my precious egg, never to see it again. In my anger I travelled through the mysterious and often confusing sub world that I found through the trap door and after discovering the mirror room (which I subsequently broke the second time around) I walked into a cave, only to be killed by an unseen thief. So again I played only to discover my loss of inventory. I hoped to be reunited with the egg only to carry around the bird's nest in memory, and a pile of leaves. I dropped both at the place where things go to die, the base of the chimney. Summing up the rest of my adventure, I nearly drowned, tried repeatedly to stab inanimate objects (with my glowing blue sword that made me feel like a helpless Frodo), and wondered why the residents of the house was keeping the entrance to Hades in their basement. Did I mention that I hate the Loud Room? Anyways my wondrous progress quickly came to an end when I accidentally kill myself. Yes, you read right. I typed "kill me" for fun knowing very well what response I would get. Although the program doesnt understand "kill" and "me" it as a matter of fact understands "hit" and "me". Let's just say, don't try that command while armed with a sword.

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