Thursday, February 19, 2009


During the few hours that I played it I just felt lost inside a snow globe, minus the snow. I explored the house, went up into the attic without a lamp, and immediately was killed by a lurking grue. So I respawned and went east and spent a very long time in and around the canyon. I kept on trying to find out what I could do in the canyon other than climb down the cliff onto the beach and stare at the rainbow. Atop the canyon I was blocked by fallen trees to the south, couldn't find my way around them. In the clearing I couldn't figure out how to open the grating, my guess was a key but I never found a key. I couldn't enter the path the led right by the tree with low branches. I tried fighting my way through with the sword and failed. Eventually I found my way back to the house and decided to pull the rug instead of picking it up. Once below the house I first went and stole a painting and then entered a passage blocked by a troll. I attacked him with my sword for a while but it didn't appear to be working. So for the heck of it I tried attacking him with my knife. He killed me. So I know there are plenty of places I have yet to explore, I just can't figure out how to get to them.

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