Thursday, February 19, 2009


Zork was most definitely frustrating and over the “two” hours I played it, I don’t think I really had fun at any point. It wasn’t torture; it was simply a boring frustrating game. It may have been or lack of trying, but I couldn’t go anywhere and find any creatures or collect any money. In fact at the point that I quit, I was actually stuck physically in one place.
I understand the romantic aspect of the game in that it was the first role playing game (rpg) to come out. But being that I’m not the biggest video game fan, the adventure in and of itself is not enough to captivate me. I really enjoy the graphics of video games, maybe because I’m an art student I’m so dependent on images. They don’t even necessarily have to be the best; I can get down with some old school Donkey Kong or Pac Man. But I need some sort of visual and Zork is definitely not something I would play again.

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