Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A few things to wrap up

First, I had a great semester: you were a wonderful group, and your final projects look very promising.

Second, my current intention is to keep the blog as is, so that people from next semester can look at your work as they do theirs. If there is a post or project you _don't_ want others to see, go ahead and delete it (but not before this Sunday, please). I also see no reason to remove any of you from the blog - if for some reason you want to post next semester (either on subjects vaguely related to the course, or if you need to get in touch with one another), you're more than welcome to. If for some reason you want to be removed from the blog, let me know and I can do that.

Third, I forgot to remind everyone of this, but if possible, please send me an email giving your own evaluation of your class participation for the second half of the semester. Same as last time: rate yourself as poor/ok/good/outstanding in both participation on the blog (counting only comments and ungraded entries) and in class. "Poor" means "I don't participate, or nearly never participate," while "outstanding" means "I'm probably the best in the class in this category." "Ok" means below average, and good means above average. As before, if you submit a credible self-evaluation to me I'll try to be guided by it.

Enjoy your breaks, or, in Emily's case, your many remaining finals.

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