Saturday, December 1, 2007

final project proposal take 2

After doing some thinking here is what I could possibly narrow my final project down to:

1.I could make up a dance using one of the songs by Poe. (I could string different songs of her together but 1. I don’t have a music cutter 2. I don’t know how to cut music and 3. I don’t have the time haha). I would then video tape myself dancing and then write a short essay component on what I’m trying to display in each movement. I really like the songs ‘Hey Pretty’ (unmixed versions – sorry Adam, but when you played it in class the other day, I was already making up a dance to it), ‘Haunted’ and ‘Walk the Walk’ (it won’t be anything like the dance I talk about below, haha). However, if I do this project, I will be unable to add the lights and costume effect to the dance (a big downer).

2.I searched numerous times for a dance that is solely based on HoL or for that matter any dance that is danced to one of Poe’s songs. The only thing I could find was some dance studios attempted performance to her song ‘Walk the Walk’. The overall affect if not pretty and I refuse to do my project on that piece. Thus, writing a report on whether the dancers are accurately displaying what the singer is trying to express is kind of out of the question for that piece.
On the other hand, there are two different dances that I know of that I could connect to with HoL. It will definitely be a stretch though. To the naked eye, one of the dances tells a story of a breakup between a boy and girl. The other one tells a story between a girl persuading the boy to come into her world (through a frame). I could relate this to HoL by talking about Navidson and Delial.

I’m kinda leaning more towards actually making up a dance since I know I am a better dancer than a writer (also because making up a dance will be my stress reliever, and I need a lot of those in life right now).

PS. Biosystems and Signals is a class based off of wave forms and how to combine different wave forms together in different domains. However, in our class, we just look at waves developed in the body by nerve cells. So yes, in a roundabout way, it is teaching us how to make a monster in the future, but then again so do the rest of my BioE classes.


A. Benevent said...

Have you checked out Youtube for any Poe music videos? I know there are some floating around out there. Maybe they dance in them.

I know one of them has mud wrestling.

But I don't know if that qualifies as dancing.

Maybe you could write about narration through mudwrestling?

But really, maybe the Poe videos on YouTube (which I haven't watched, so don't hate me if they're devoid of dancing) can shed some light on the topic.


A. Benevent said...

ps will you build me a monster to do my bidding?

Emily said...

HAHA... give it 50 years. There is still way to much information that we don't know about the human body.

Yea... Mud wrestling definately does not count as dancing. Maybe in a guys world though.

LSack said...

What about... two chics pillow fighting? That's dancing, right? Right?

Emily said...

I don't know... is there music playing and feathers flying everywhere?

LSack said...

Is the Pope a former Nazi?

A. Benevent said...

no, he was just hitler youth.

there's a big difference.