Thursday, December 13, 2007

Final Project

my projects been finished.

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Adam Johns said...

I guess I need to put some overall comments somewhere - and one neat thing about a blogged CYOA dense with comments is there is no one, dominant position to put an authoritative response - that's mostly a good thing, but also drives me to the outside for my closing comments.

The midterm project was fascinating, imaginative, and underdeveloped - both the theoretical basis for "The Game" and some more coherent details about how it would play were absent - the whole thing seemed like too much of a sketch, and overly disconnected (despite some funny moments) from actual VR projects & programming.

Mal & Colossus's comments add a fascinating density to this project, and provide (especially after I prodded you for a little revision) some of the theoretical underpinnings for the game.

I still yearn for details about how it actually _plays_, though, as well as for at least a scattering of connections to real-world VR projects. The comments were a great idea, but revising the original CYOA to really detail the gameplay would have been a good move.

I really miss some of the research which could have easily been introduced through the comments, which can operate as footnotes.

I'm struggling with the problem of how to grade this.