Friday, December 7, 2007


Alright, the whole... me posting a rough draft is probably not going to happen. At least, not today. But, I have finally decided what I'm doing. I'm listening to Poe's album and then analyzing the songs in relationship to HOL (even when the songs don't have ANYTHING to do with the book, which quite a few do). I'm going to try to make this part as educated, and scholarly sounding as possible. After I have finished that I am going to pull a Zampano/Johnny/Yomi(/whoever else is doing multiple levels of narration) and play the role of the editor to basically rip apart the essay which is going to deliberately be a piece of shit. So... yeah... hopefully it will somewhat resemble a six page essay by the end of it.

But, I have a question:
Does anyone know what page it is when Johnny mentions that the landlord came over to measure the size of the apartment? I mean, maybe I just made that up in my head, but I thought it happened.

Yeah, I should probably be beyond the point of questions right now, but... that's what having an eight page essay due on the same day as the rough draft will do. Awesome. I'd appreciate it if anyone was able to help.


Mike K said...

Ok, so it sounds like you're stuck on a project with HoL. Why don't you try coming up with something from outside HoL that we've done this half of the semester? Why not Jimmy Corrigan? How about a project where you try to make a coherent narrative by only drawing pictures? You'll be trying to show that narrative and language are two separate entities...something like that? We've read things besides HoL this semester- draw ideas from there.

Adam Johns said...

I like the idea of performing a self-critique (which is also plausibly connected to Jimmy Corrigan, in my mind, given his tendency toward paralyzing self-criticism).

You don't want an essay which is "deliberately a pile of shit," though, as I think you recognize. All essays have problems, loopholes and difficulties - it's better to do the best you can and _then_ perform a critique on its flaws.

In the abstract, I think it might be possible to something with a critique of a deliberately bad essay, but in practice you probably don't want to go there.

I don't know the page number, and don't have time to find it - did you try the index (on measure and/or apartment)?

Emily said...

I think you're looking for page 296. I could be wrong though.

ps. Thanks for the drunk facebook message Timmy and Lance. Even though I never said anything about your hat, thankgod you lost it! HAHA! To bad that couldn't have happen sooner in the semester; you wouldn't have had any hearing problems then. I think I would cry if McKinley was set free :(

LSack said...

Dude, if you really need the help, you know that I'd be willing to write an essay about the Poe album and then you can critique it.

Uh, to Emily: Who says we were drunk? /I/ wrote it (though Timmy has spoken of the monkeys many times) and I found my hat this morning-- it was in my comforter.

Emily said...

hahahaha! even better... you wear it to bed?!
just admit you were...

LSack said...

I did not wear it to bed! Ask Timmy, I've never worn my hat to bed. The kid sleeps 10 feet away from me, he would know if I did.

And what's with the fascination with my hat Emily? I can think of more constructive ways to try and carry a conversation with me.