Sunday, December 2, 2007

To My Esteemed Peers, Friends, and Mentors

I have about 12 days left here in Pittsburgh before I go back home and this semester ends. That means that I probably won't see many of you (in a class setting... or maybe even at all) again. No more Goodfellas Wannabe, Ears-N-Dew, Firefly Fanatic, Inappropriate Siesta-time Student, and the masses of faces whose matching names I will never find (like Waldo). Most students would declare this a god-send, but I don't. I like this class for the people in it, for better or for worse.

So, while this note is small in comparison to others I've made, let anyone who reads it not be confused:
It's not the size
of the post
but wha
t you g
et out
of it.
In any case, I just wanted to say that I've had a great time in this class and that has somewhat to do with my peers. You guys rock out loud (even when you don't speak like Emily or... his name's Zack, right?) and it's been a real pleasure.


Emily said...

maybe if you didn't speak so much during class, there would have been time to voice my opinion. lol, j/k

A. Benevent said...

Um, does this mean we don't have class tomorrow?

A. Benevent said...

also everyone in this whole blog does nothing but burn on Lance, it is amazing

Mike K said...

Let's see, who can I name in our class...Emily, Nik, Lance, Yomi, Alex, Adam (duh), Joy, Jess, James. Is that better, worse, or the same as you guys?

Yomi said...

Only name I can think of are the top 5 students in the class; Yomi, Yomi, Yomi, Yomi, Yomi. Ha jk jk jk. I liked this class a lot which is the main reason I might show up on Friday (for you Adam of course) Kudos to lance for making this post. Since now I feel sick for complementing anything even slightly related to Lance I must say goodbye. GL on finals everyone maybe I'll see you when i come back from London 10 months from now.