Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Final Proposal

It has taken me a while to figure out what I should do for this last project. House of Leaves has always been my main focus. Since I did more of a research project for the midterm I will try (emphasis on try) to make more of a creative project. So, the idea I came up with is separated into two parts. The first part i will talk about the impact that text, font, positioning, and so on has on the way we read a book. Each chapter in House of Leaves has its own unique style which makes the reader take different approaches to understanding the chapter. The second part of the project is where my creative side is going to come in. I will write up a short story, about what, I don't know yet. But the point of this short story is to show how different ways of putting text on a page changes the way we read books. So, I will have the same story printed out twice. One copy of the story will be in standard format, while the other copy will be similar to HOL. I am also thinking about putting footnotes in as well, but that could be pushing it. This idea still needs to be cleaned up a bit so if anyone has any imput let me know.

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Adam Johns said...

I like the concept. The first half is, unfortunately, very general - you'd probably be better off focusing more on one or two things, rather than trying to (hastily) cover everything. James's project, for instance, is focusing just on fonts - I'm not saying that you should do the same, but just that more focus is better than less.

I genuinely like the idea of the story. What it's about will be critical, of course, but I'm interested to see what you come up with.