Saturday, December 1, 2007

Okay, fuuuuuck.

Ummmmm. So, it's Saturday. I'm at the library. I NEVER go to the library.

I am having a meltdown along the lines of the one I had at this time last year. Generally it starts around the time when I look at my schedule up until the end of the semester and realize I have no time and a shitload of work.

That being said, I don't know what I'm doing for this project. For one of my classes I have two projects due (this upcoming Friday and then the second is due on the Tuesday of finals week). Since they both come before the due date of this one, I am tending to focus completely on them. I am scrapping most of my ideas for the final project in this class and I decided to make it an interactive project (interactive standing in for "What do you guys think I should do?")

Ummm, I am planning to do something with the Poe album, but I don't know what. Annnd, my computer won't download the copy of the CD off of the internet (Adam, could you bring yours on Monday?). Anyways, what do you think is an interesting idea for something to do in conjunction with the album? Because, I am at a loss.

This is "Oh shit, I'm fucked" mode. And, it doesn't help that I am at the library on a Saturday night.


A. Benevent said...


Don't sweat college. Shit happens.

(Then again, I graduated high school with a 4.3 GPA and have like a 2.6 right now, but I don't really care. I didn't even want to come here in the first place, but that's neither here nor there)

As for your project, I say you take the Poe album, and you sit down and figure out what parts of the album fit to what parts of the book, why, how, and write a paper on it.

It's pretty obvious that "Hey Pretty" is about the section where Johnny takes a ride with Kyrie and ends up scoring, but why does it fit? Listen to the version without Danielewski's readings. How do the vocals sound? What are the lyrics saying? Does the music convey careless lust and reckless abandon?


That kind of shit.

You can make it work, just chill and it'll go smooth.


PS Goddamn I need to get away from this blog. I feel like a loser. I'm going to start drinking now, and stop tomorrow.

They say that drinking alone is one of the signs of alcoholism, I just call it economical.

Emily said...

Welcome to my world. All you can do is inhale some caffine, laugh at the amount of work that is due and pray that the you somehow find the 4th dimension.

Alex actually gave me this idea, but unfortunatly it doesn't work for me. Hopefully it can give you some ideas.

Try looking up the music videos on youtube to Poe's song (or for that matter any video that uses Poe's song as the background music). See if/how they relate to HoL.

I know there is one about Harry Potter and uses 'Haunted' and another about Rambo that uses 'Angry Johnny'. You could even use the lyrics and see how they can pertain to both of the different situations (the video and the book). Taking this a bit futher: How one thing can mean two different things depending on who is interpreting it.

If we end up working with the same song, I think it will be cool how we interpret the lyrics differently (most likely).

Ps. Could I possibly borrow the Poe CD too?

zach said...

This has already been touched on but you could focus on the differences from listening to the song and reading the book. What kind of emotions are you getting with each? Are they different at all? Me personally, i get more out of a song because i can hear exactly what the singer is feeling in their voice.

Another idea is that you could make a song yourself if you have any ability to do so. This way you can make the song bring out whatever emotions you want. These emotions can be the same as the text you choose or you can try to make them completely different.

Hope this helps. Good luck.