Monday, November 17, 2008

Final Interactive Project

I've been sitting around for about 2 days trying decide what I want to do for my final project. I finally decided that my favorite subject/concept that we have discussed this year was the concept of interaction in literature and elsewhere.

Therefore, I definitely wanted to do something that deals with interactivity. I wanted to look further into what makes something interactive and why. In doing so, I'd like to focus on websites and other interactive programs that are generally accepted to be interactive. Thorough research and actual interaction with certain sites and programs would be the focus of my writing.

Some things I would focus on generally would be as followed:

-What seems to make things more interactive than others. (Easy navigation, photos, certain colors?)
-Are websites and other programs actually interactive?
-What sort of content on the websites draw the most interaction? (Ads, Poll Questions, Related Websites?)

These are just a few things I thought of that would interesting to look into. After discussing these things, I would get back into narrative fiction and whether or not it is more similar or different than interactive websites and programs. Why are either accepted as being interactive?

Finally I'd discuss the actual definition of interaction and whether it belongs in the discussion with technology in literature.

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Adam Johns said...

No revision?

Anyway, your first draft at least has some substance to it. I was very interested in a number of the questions you raised - for instance, what elements make a cite more or less interactive.

The overall difficulty or challenge here is one of purpose. You need to be able to justify (implicitly or explicitly) the project in some way. *Implicit* here is the idea that interactivity is an end in itself - that's fine, but you should think that through, and probably be explicit about it. Once you've established that interactivity is a good thing, then the reason for some of your questions (you'll probably be better off answering few questions in depth rather than lots in a shallow way).

Similarly, I want to know *why* you are interested in whether interactivity in web sites is equivalent to interactivity in, say, a CYOA. Your purpose may be clear to you, but it's less transparent to me - and having a clear focus is central to a project like this.