Monday, November 24, 2008

Rough Draft

So I will start off by saying I really do not know how to present a rough draft for my project since I am doing a creative project. For those of you who do not know I am doing an interactive project that has to do with the inside workings of the House in House of Leaves. The main objective in the game is going to be to try to enter and escape the House.
The journey is going to start when you get a call from Karen asking you to come explore the House, sort of like how Holloway was brought into the story. You will then be able to choose from three different main objects into the house: a gun, a camera, or a bike. The story will then take you to the Great Hall where you can choose to go down the staircase or to explore the corridors in the Great Hall. From this point on the stories all differ.
The main point when you chose the gun is going to be that you have to face an actual monster in the halls instead of the growling just being the changing of the walls. Depending on which way you chose you may or may not actually encounter the monster.
If you choose to bring the camera in you will not actually face a monster, but the growls will be the House shifting its insides. Even though there will be no monster in the picture during this scenario there are still many ways to die. One of the ways I tried to take my story in a different direction was to have the house be a medium for time to. One example of this is during the camera portion where you continue down a long hallway and are faced with harsh winds and three men on the horizon, who later you find out to be the men from the Jamestown colony.
Finally if you choose the bike the story will pretty much follow the story that actually happens in House. The main difference between my story and the actual story is that you do not survive if you do choose to go through the corridors and through the window.
I decided to write this program in MatLab, since I already have background in the language. The code will most likely be very long and redundant, but hopefully the final result will pay off.

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Adam Johns said...

Ideally, a rough draft of a creative project is the same as any other rough draft - it's simply an incomplete version. In your case, it might have been be the introductory parts of the game, or it might be the full version minus the crucial gun/camera/bike differences. In any case, this is starting to sound good, but what you have now is a fairly detailed & promising proposal - there's not that much more to be said without actually seeing the game. Enjoy your Matlab!