Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Final Project Proposal

In class, Jake had mentioned something to the effect of about how fictional media plays a role in reverse engineering of technology from that work of fiction (I forget his specific example). That got me thinking about how star trek has things that have caused the same thing like with the cell phone and I elaborated on that in class so I would like to do my project on that. My thesis statement so far is: The world of Star trek manages the threats of a technologically advanced society, conveys its narratives (within the series), influences the technology that’s developed today and questions societal norms.

I’d definitely include some books on this subject, though I don’t have any specific ones picked out yet. I did a PittCat search on this subject the other day and I got a ton of results that hopefully are helpful to support my thesis. I also intend to use material from Bill Joy and maybe Lyotard.


Mathew said...

Instead of focusing on the series itself I now intend to focus on a key element in the series, the Holodeck. It represents the ultimate interactive medium. I intend to discuss the function, and purpose of the Holodeck both within the series and as a creative tool the writers used to tell stories that wouldn’t have been possible without such a creation. I intend to discuss the fictional technology behind the Holodeck and how far we are currently progressed in that particular area. I would also try to discuss how this technology has an inherent level of danger in operating it with the possible things that could go wrong when operating it. By choosing to write on the Holodeck I will be able to integrate two aspects of this course the interactive medium and the philosophy of Joy and possibly Lyotard.

Adam Johns said...

My initial comment on the original version was going to be that you desperately needed a more precise focus. Moving to the Holodeck rather than technology in general is certainly a specific way of doing that.

One thing I notice, though, as you moved from the original version to the revised version, is that you didn't formulate a thesis around the holodeck itself. So in a weird way, I wonder if your project has become less specific as its become more specific, in a twisted way. So the most critical thing right now (other than research) is what you want to *say* about the holodeck as an instance of fictional and real technology colliding/influencing/whatever.