Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Outline for Scientific Management

I only have an outline ready to go so here's a link to it as a PDF.

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Adam Johns said...

Since it's a short outline, my comments will naturally be pretty short as well.

What I like, and look forward to, is the obvious fact that you have a wealth of experience and some interesting stories to draw on. I enjoyed the narrative element of your earlier posts on this subject, and I look forward even more to having your experiences with several plays elaborated in detail.

The weakness in the previous version - and the critical component of this project - was that you didn't do a very convincing job of showing the role of scientific management as Taylor understood and articulated it in your theater experience. You wrote in interesting and articulate ways about management in the theater, both good and bad, but your links to Taylor himself were less than convincing. That's what I'll be looking for most this time - a detailed understanding and application of Taylor.

Based on your introduction, clearly you understand that this is important; the only thing that gives me pause is that your outline isn't detailed in such a way that you're showing "here, here and here is how we see Taylorism appear in Angels in America [or whatever]"