Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Project Drafts

I've read most of the project drafts, and I'll have the rest of the them finished by tomorrow morning at the latest. If my comments raise questions for you, ask them - I'll be checking email over break. I've also finished reading the backlog of papers (I commented everything, although the comments are mostly quite short), so over break I'll be sending you grades for the last two papers as well as the project proposal and drafts.

If you have *not* turned in a draft yet, submit it ASAP for partial credit and comments at my convenience. For those of you who have made prior arrangements (Sam and Max, I'm talking to you) to turn your papers in late, there will be no penalty.

Update: I've left comments for everyone who submitted a draft today. Tomorrow I'll comment on Max and Sam's drafts, and I'll give brief comments to anyone else who has a draft in by noon.

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