Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Final Project proposal

I would like to do a project focusing on house of leaves and movies. I would like to further research some of the movies referenced in the book as well as movies that I thought of while reading the book and discover whether or not there are a deeper connection between the two works then just the obvious similarities and differences. I would also like to research some of the inspirations for the book house of leaves and see what conclusions can be drawn about why one inspires the other. The last part I would like to incorporate into my project is what the internet community has to say about the house of leaves and the different movies that may have been inspired by the book or the book by the movie.

I still have to work out all of the particulars about what exactly I want to do but I definitely want to examine the films that relate to the book.

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Adam Johns said...

No revision?

My short reaction is, of course, that this is a fine starting point. The movies are important and relevant here - *The Shining* and *2001* are good ones to work with.

As it stands, though, this is only a very vague proposal. You don't just need a choose a movie - you need to figure out what you want to argue about the particular relationship between HOL and a particular movie. *Don't* get tangled up in saying a bunch of different things about several different movies *and* about the internet community around the book - plan on making a narrow claim about a particular movie in relationship to the book, and then proving it.