Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Revised Project Proposal

Instead of rewriting my project proposal and posting it as a comment to my original proposal, I'm doing this instead. Eventually it will also end up as part of the actual project.

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Adam Johns said...

Nice proposal. Two interesting things about doing it on video are, first, that I need to listen to the whole thing before responding to any of it (which is neither good nor bad - just different) and, second, that your enthusiasm is readily apparent.

I fully endorse the project in the abstract. The difficulty, of course, is one of scale - regardless of how crazy and isolated you get, you're not going to, I think, produce a *full* response to the book in the next couple weeks - your level of the narrative can't fully rival Johny or Zampano's, at least not in completeness.

So my main response was going to be: "you need to find a single aspect of the book as it stands which you want to focus on at first, then build out from there as you are able to do."

So I was excited by your idea of zeroing in on the Middle East. As you probably recall, the actual Navidson Record is being filmed in parallel with the *first* Iraq War. This would be a great way for you to open up your own narrative. The Middle East and Islam also comes up from time to time; for instance, the passage from Don Quixote on page 42 (which we're discussing on our last class) is, in context, about the history of Islamic-Christian warfare in Spain.

So my big advice is to try to do something focused first, and that the Iraq/Middle East theme (in relationship to the minotaur) should be a great starting point.

One other thing I can't help commenting on. Your fantastic line "It will have amassed itself into a manuscript," reminds me of something Martin Heidegger (who is, recall, quoted at length early in HOL) about his philosophy: "it thinks in me." Just had to say that...

Good work.