Thursday, November 20, 2008

Project Proposals, etc.

I have now read and commented on your project proposals. These are (as you'll be reminded if you look at the syllabus) graded, as with any other formal blog entry. Those of you who posted both an original and a revision (on time) are guaranteed at least a B. Those who had something highly detailed all got an A. Those who didn't post revisions got lower than a B. All of them have potential -- some of them, though, will require a lot of focusing before they'll work well.

I'm moving on to other issues (freshman papers) for the next couple days, so if you have questions or problems as you work on your drafts, you could follow up blog posts with an email. I will be around for most of Monday for anyone who needs to meet me (although my open times are rapidly filling up).

I plan to promptly read and comment on your drafts (that is, I'll have them all commented by Wednesday, hopefully early on Wednesday). My second goal is to catch up on the backlog of papers from when I was more or less bedridden. What I'll probably do is email all of you grades and very brief comments. Please accept my apologies in advance for the brief comments, but if I commented them properly I might not be done until finals week, which seems like an even worse idea than just giving you short comments.

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