Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A brief introduction to my project:

"The Amazing Adventure Through Time."

That is the title of my midterm CYOA. The purpose of my project was to point out the absurdity of the traditional CYOA series. If I were a kid, and I saw the word 'amazing,' I would instantly steal that book from the shelf and want to read it. And, if it's an 'adventure through time,' I'm there.

In my project, my main focus was to mock the structure of CYOAs. They are kids books, yes, but in half of the endings in "The Cup of Death" the reader ends up dead. If you read through any (or all) of my endings, you will notice that there is really only ONE happy ending. In the rest you usually end up dying. But why do the authors of these texts think it is appropriate to have a small child read a book where they end up getting shot? It is absolutely ridiculous in my mind. Back in the day, I would have cried had I read one of those books. Lucky for me, I stuck with school assigned readings only.

I understand that the authors want to engage their readers, but I could be just as engaged without having to find myself dead at the end of every plot line. But, as a satire, I chose to only allow the reader one happy ending. In my book, the reader gets what the reader wants: death, prostitution, and more death. If you really want to live, follow the story diagram (located on the navigation bar at the left side of each page) for the path that leads you to ending 31 (the bottom left hand corner of the tree).

Another thing I wanted to mock was the plot twists in these books. In reading "The Cup of Death" I noticed that although there was one central plot- to find the missing teacup- there were a few that seemed out of place. Just by the title, one would assume that my story is about time travel. In fact, it is. But only really half of the story is about time travel. The rest is just random shit thrown in. It is the complete opposite of what you would expect to find in a story called "The Amazing Adventure Through Time."

I guess I am done talking about CYOAs for now. So, without further ado, click here to read my story.

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