Wednesday, October 10, 2007

CYOA draft (outline): Am I Being Too Ambitious?

Well, I posted the outline for my CYOA online here.

To be honest, I am starting to think that I was a bit too ambitious with this project. I'm starting to doubt if I will get it done for the midterm. So far I've gotten from 1915 (beginning of the story) to the mid 1920s. My original idea (if the reader makes all of the right choices) is for the story to expand into the late 1980s or early 1990s.

I'll try to get as far as possible. I at least want to get to the 1950s. If I don't finish it for the midterm, I'll post what I have and finish it for the final, if that is alright with Dr. Johns.

Hopefully I'll finish it. I'll post an updated outline once I figure out how the "company" will fair during the Great Depression (that's where I am stuck at the moment), WWII, and the transition from steam to diesel power.

I am still taking suggestions on the name of the railroad company. Dr. Johns has already submitted his suggestion. Feel free to suggest a name (as I stated in an earlier post, the name will not affect the story, it's just for fun).

Chicago & Southern Railroad (CSRR or C&S)
Illinois Union Railroad (IURR)
Lake Michigan & Western (LMW or LM&W)
Southern Illinois Railroad (SIRR)
[Insert name here] (_ _ _ _)........


Adam Johns said...

Yes, this is ambitious! "Too ambitious" is relative -- in your case, I think it will work out fine. Why? Because the way your project is structured by time means that you have a built in governor. Bit off more than you can chew? Fine, just cover less time.

My suggestion is to stop outlining and start writing: there's no way you'll get beyond this outline for the midterm anyway, I'd imagine, although you're welcome to prove me wrong. You're certainly welcome to continue it for the final, but there's no reason you need to have the whole thing outlined in advance.

Josh P. said...

This is definately very ambitious. Im not sure if you have gotten past the 20's since you posted this or not, but I do not think you should try to go any further right now. Your CYOA outline that you posted is quite large already, I don't think there is any need to add more options to it for now. You should just try and write the actual CYOA and make it detailed as possible with the remaining time you have. Although, if you still want to get further along such as the 50's or even 80's you should try and do that for the final.
As for a name of the railroad there is always the monopoly names (B&O, Shortline, Pennsylvania, and Reading). If you dont like them you can come up with an acronym that maybe has a dual meaning, one meaning the railroad name and the other could imply something else. An example could be something like Time Enhanced Cargo Hauling (TECH). I know thats a lame example, but something with an idea like that would be neat.