Monday, October 8, 2007

"Now playing in a blog near you..." (midterm)

"Nice Men"

So this is my midterm. I don't expect to change it much, as I've made all the corrections I can think of. Perhaps for the final, I'll film a version of this movie w/ live actors and write an essay comparing the two. The midterm will also include an essay describing this movie. In the same way we analyze books we read, the essay will analyze my movie. At least that way I know I'm right.

To enhance your viewing pleasure: In the script, I tried writing the "classic" that's been done over and over. There's key elements to this story, though, that are in every action/romance. There's a hero and villain. There's a love interest. There's a separation and a reunion. There's also a confrontational showdown. That's all the spoilers I'll throw out there. While viewing this, try to connect the scenes w/ classic scenes from other stories. There's plenty of "Hey, this part is just like [movie]"

Mike Kobily


Emily said...

Your movie is awesome! I love how you used the silent movie part of it but still captured all the different genres and movies. I thought it was hilarious. I was actually getting into it at the end.

For your essay you can probably compare your movie to all the different movies that you related your movie to. You can show how silent movies add a different narrative to the film. Definitely talk about the technology that you used to make it. It looks like some sort of computer animation. You can probably relate that to the new computer animation movies (i.e. Cars, Shrek) and how that changed the movie industry. Just some suggestions.

Furthermore, maybe you can look into enhancing the text size of the words. For me, it was hard to read at sometimes because it was so small. Maybe it was just the movie window size that I saw it in, don’t know.

Ps. pretty sweet name for the bartender.

Adam Johns said...

All of Emily's suggestions are good.

I thoroughly enjoy the movie. It's well made, goofy, and invokes all those archetypes which interest you - doing it as a western was a nice choice, since that's a genre (mostly) in love with archetypes to begin with.

Now, about your intended essay. Emily's suggestions are good, as I said before, but you might also want to consider writing with archetypes: how and why we insistently represent them. Does your particular technology effect the archetypes themselves, for instance?

In The Hero, Lord Raglan argues that one significance of archetypes (warning: this is a paraphrase) is that they involve a different understanding of time than that of ordinary life: the ritual hero erupts into the present-as-past. For Raglan especially, the significance of the hero archetype is power, power granted to the enactor of the ritual about the hero (for many old-school thinkers, at least, ritual as such appears before narrative).

That might seem like a ramble, but my intention is to ask a question. Why archetypes, and how do technologies effect them? Archetypes have a peculiar temporality, almost transcending time -- but particular art forms, like your computer animation, are profoundly historical, very much of the moment. What do you do with that?

For the final, I certainly would be interested in seeing a live action version. I'd also be interested in seeing a version that was more stripped and abstract. Would it still work if you eliminated the scenery? The guns? The hats? How minimalistic could you make it and still have it work as an archetypal narrative?

Yomi said...
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Yomi said...

Mike sorry im posting a bit late but for some reason my original comment on your movie never got sent. (I wrote one but must have turned the comp off before i hit publish) Any way i enjoyed the movie. it was funny and really gets down to the basic qualities of your genre. My only suggestion is more technical than anything else. Increasing the size of the picture and the font.