Sunday, October 7, 2007

Just some Cup of Death Late Thoughts

I wonder, did anyone else feel challenged by the book. When I say challenged, I mean, did anyone else feel that the book compelled you to dig deeper. As I read the first time, I died in a matter of maybe 8 decisions, but when I got to "my end" I felt like the book was challenging me to make better decisions. I must admit, the first go around, I choose what could be classified as the "daring" decision, whenever I was faced with a choice I opted for the one with the most too lose, this could have had something to do with my early demise, however what does this then suggest about thinking outside the box, or going against the grain. I am curious, to know more about the author as well, what in her life made her structure the choices and consequence in the way that she did? And could any of this have to do with her gender? Ok, so I digress, back to my original thought, did anyone else feel that this book forced you to step up your imagination game..? I sure did.

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