Sunday, October 7, 2007

Regarding Projects, Grades, etc.


Everyone should blog this week. Everyone, as a reminder, should post a draft (hopefully several pages long, or longer) of their midterm project, along with, in brackets, any questions or concerns they have about it (in other words, you can raise questions about particular issues or authors you are bringing up, etc.).

In class on Monday, we'll determine some arrangement by which everyone agrees to thoroughly and promptly comment on someone else's blog entry. Your essential goal is to help the other person create as effective a project as possible, and to help them get the best possible grade. To do that, you should identify and critique their argument (which will be explicit for some projects, and implicit in the case of creative projects) and style, as a starting point.

This brings me to another topic. Some of you are doing quite well participating both in the blog and in class. Many of you, however, are lagging behind, especially in ungraded blog entries.

Want to redeem yourself, and get a decent grade in class participation? Offer articulate and helpful comments on multiple midterm project drafts, instead of just one.

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